Womp womp I look so angry in the morning

Womp womp I look so angry in the morning

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10/21/14: make peace

Lie in a tub of warm, unaltered water till it becomes lukewarm
Finish a book you’ve been putting off
When you’re through, get out and look at yourself in the mirror as all you are
Freckled skin, splotched skin, tired eyes, bright eyes, fickle hands, darting lips
See yourself as all you are meant to be
Instead of the things you choose to see
Make yourself a cup of tea instead of coffee
Reassure yourself that the day is new
that we are all starting over here

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I want to be the kind of person that has every kind of tea known to man
That walks with the moon in her hips
That keeps fresh flowers on the dining room table
That always has a genuine smile for weary travellers and lovers and cads alike

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Little bird girl, with the fire on her tongue
You are strong
You are soft
You can be both

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10/16/14: aphasia

your tongue is a permanent sailor’s knot
eloquently tied and fashioned
and I’m trying to speak softly
trying to quiet the room
until maybe you find something
to untie behind lips that couldn’t sink a ship
even if they wanted to

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Make me a bird

Make me a bird

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8/19/14: Make me a bird


did you hear the air shudder
when these sick wings asked
to be made a bird when all there is
is this sepia toned foolishness
I lie beside the dawn and it gives no reprieve
I’d as soon kiss her shoulder
And lie like a dead deer
meaning to be found
We were only playing dice
on the only thing…

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My eyes are off to meet the sugar girl
Salmon cheeks and strawberry kisses
Tea kisses, coffee kisses
Everywhere and everything kisses
We’ve been running for too long, lightning eyes
Maybe we can run into each other again

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He says ‘love’ so quiet
Like before work when he kisses me
Like a brand on my lips
I’m ruined for him

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Writing prompts?

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