Anonymous said: Admittedly, you are very pretty. Keep shining Starlet.

How sweet you are, thank you so much ♡

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9/20/14: I wish my skin was a rippling tide

I try to sound like grass while I’m eating my cereal at the table
With a cup of something warm and books I have little intention of finishing
I wish I was the 3rd planet from the sun
I wish I could run with the daylight
They said this is how the world would end
Not in a bang but a whimper
A whisper
Before you sleep I say goodnight
When you’ve already retreated
I wish I sounded like you when I speak
Then I could talk to you in a way you understand

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I run out like the house is on fire for you
I keep having these dreams that you can’t see me
And it claws at my sleeping
I never told you that no one told me I was good
Except the wolf who broke what you’re trying to fix
It doesn’t feel quite right trying to clean up someone else’s mess
Meanwhile we’ve got our buoys at the bottom of the ocean
There’s no telling how we’re staying awake

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I would love you anywhere
but I have all these thorns on my tongue
and the bees in my chest are killing the flowers
we’re counting down our hours
till I never kiss you on Tuesdays
till I never see your back freckles
till you become the seafoam in the shower
till you sing me off key back to sea

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Teach us how to sin
Because we are hungry
And we give in

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your marionette kisses cigarettes with her teeth
while I play her streetlight song
singing of our featherweight memories
our broken noses and weak kisses
while biters cling to what little truce we still hold
the sirens sing “go, go into the dark
come away to the stillness, come to the numb”

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you’re meeting this paper thin girl
who sings and wears berets and wakes up early with her tea
and then there’s this wolf that lies beside you
in the night she howls with the moon
but you sleep like the dead
and she rattles bones
and she’s struggling pretty under your tongue
you taste her skin and crave for more, new
and she hunts men down like dogs
and finds them like firewood stacked up on the side of the house
waiting in the dark
to be lit and buried in her hair

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Hey if you think someone is hot stuff, you should compliment them on the aspects of them that aren’t physical that make you swoon as much as their eyes or hair or body.

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