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Falling asleep to the sound of my own breathing doesn’t bother me half as much as waking up cold as death in the early morning. No body to curl into, no arms to fit around me. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night screaming but there is an emptiness next to my body that feels like walking…

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I need to bury my head in something or I’m going to lose my sanity to the quiet

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Don’t see me so dead behind the eyes
I want to shine, want my roots to reach and my leaves to gleam

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We only want to feel as new as the stars on our shoulders
But I’ve seen my own freckled skin, tired eyes, fault lines
And can’t help but wonder if we’re as good old and won as we are new and untouched

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I’m up in the woods, darling, won’t you reel me back in
To the girl on the beach in the flannel shirt and the wild eyes
And our first kisses
And first touches
Won’t you give me that same hand
Won’t you take me to the water and I can see where your loyalties lie
When I’m in your bed and you are not
I’m up in the woods, down on and in this mind

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9/25/14: when she sees me in the cold

Her tongue hits soft like a feather
Like a tone that doesn’t match the words
She tells me I’m the space between doubt and mercy
And she scares me though her hands are like ice
She is planted beneath my skin like kudzu, the vine that’ll eat me alive
But still I cradle her head
But still I sing to her

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9/23/14: first fall

You are always so sad on this day
So quiet and drawn, I remember when this drowned you alive
Kept going on
I kiss you on the eye and take you for what you are
Taken for what I am
Who or what we have no idea
No plans
I have to pretend I’m happy that I might know what I’ll look like 24 years from now
I don’t know what tomorrow looks like
But I won’t drown you this time

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I’d still kiss your hand if you called me by the name you gave me in that song
That voice that said “come on, it’s okay”
I’d buy you coffee and say “tell me everything”

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Anonymous said: Admittedly, you are very pretty. Keep shining Starlet.

How sweet you are, thank you so much ♡

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